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South Sydney Uniting Church is ecumenical (e.g. supporting the National and World Council of Churches) and inclusive,
affirming the gifts of people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and identities. We seek peace with justice,
and the integrity of creation. We celebrate a service of Word and Sacrament (Eucharist) each Sunday at 10am.

"We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land: the Gadigal people of the Eora nation."

56a Raglan Street
Waterloo NSW 2017

Phone/Fax: 02 9319 1373


Rev. Andrew Collis
Mobile: 0438 719 470

All Welcome
The church, hall and garden are accessible by way of paths and ramps. The toilets, sinks and shower, located in the hall, are wheelchair accessible. Please ask if further assistance is required.

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of our ministries are gratefully received
UCA South Sydney
BSB: 634 634
Acc: 100048727

Church and hall bookings
On Sundays, the church, hall and garden are used exclusively for the worship and ministry activities of South Sydney Uniting Church. From Monday to Saturday we offer our church and hall for the use of others. Read More

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, worship services, in-person gatherings, and uses of our church by external groups are suspended. Please be assured of our commitment to maintaining connection across distance, adapting to safety restrictions, providing pastoral care for people experiencing anxiety, danger or fear, and expressing kindness in new ways.  Read More

Ordinary Sunday 19, Year A
South Sydney Uniting Church
August 9, 2020

Matthew 14:22-33

‘To walk on water …’

To walk on water is to dare admit our doubts and vulnerabilities, and to trust in love. “With Christ, we dare to be honest in our lives and to explore difficult questions together.” God be with you …

To walk on water is to respond to love’s summons, not with a naïve bravery that inflates our egos, but with faith, however “little”. The gospel describes a faith that is coming to be, a faith that is risk – adventure, improvisation – incorporation into a faith that precedes and exceeds our own.

To walk on water is to leave the boat, the church as we know it, for wider adventures in the deep, in the kindom of heaven. And so to love the church as a safe vessel and means of salvation, as well as a sacrament of the kindom.

To walk on water is to participate in the creative work of God’s Spirit – to take God’s hand, to see with the eyes of divine love and wisdom. And so to encourage and forgive.

Musician Bruce Springsteen tells the story of a healing encounter with his elderly father – an emotional and respectful encounter which made possible an intergenerational blessing. We have this God-given capacity, Springsteen says, to become ancestors to our children and grandchildren – ancestors that guide rather than ghosts that haunt.

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Icon of Jesus Walking on the Water, artbychimevi.com