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South Sydney Uniting Church is ecumenical (e.g. supporting the National and World Council of Churches) and inclusive,
affirming the gifts of people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and identities. We seek peace with justice,
and the integrity of creation. We celebrate a service of Word and Sacrament (Eucharist) each Sunday at 10am.

"We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land: the Gadigal people of the Eora nation."

56a Raglan Street
Waterloo NSW 2017

Phone/Fax: 02 9319 1373


Rev. Andrew Collis
Mobile: 0438 719 470

Homily by Sr. Anne Jordan
Advent 1, Year A
South Sydney Uniting Church
November 27, 2016

Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 24:37-44

Yesterday I noticed the headlines on the front page of the Telegraph.  ( I didn't buy the paper). The headlines said 'Tough new laws to stop no-hopers'.  I was stuck by its relevance to the Christian world at the beginning of Advent.  Advent, a time of waiting, of hoping, of longing and rejoicing in new life that draws us into the mystery of God.  

What's a 'no-hoper'?  Someone without hope?  Someone society does not hold hope for?  Someone judged as hopeless?  How will tougher laws help?  The paper was referring to people needing some form of welfare to manage their lives.  I asked myself: Am I a 'no-hoper?  When am I without hope?  When do I behave like someone without hope?  Would others who look at me or listen to me recognise the hope that motivates me?  

One of the learnings for me when I was a Creighton University recently was about my understanding of the value we express in Cana Communities about the value of each person.  For more than 25 years I have said thousands of times 'everyone is worth celebrating....  I've said it in thousands of ways as well.  A bit of a theme song really.  Well.   I arrived in Omaha to banners of 'Opus Prize week'. Meet the finalists etc.  then it started ,.....  meeting people and as I shook hands I was greeted with 'It's an honour to meet you....'. Over and over.  It went on the whole week.  My reaction.  Denial, embarrassment, 'hang on, it's only me....'.  Do I believe I'm worth celebrating?  Do you believe it of you?  We can keep trying and keep getting caught out!

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All Welcome
The church, hall and garden are accessible by way of paths and ramps. The toilets, sinks and shower, located in the hall, are wheelchair accessible. Please ask if further assistance is required.

The Orchard Gallery (artist run space) invites applications for exhibitions

Local healthy food. Subscribe & Pick Up Right Here At The Church
Tuesdays 5:30-6.30pm.

The South Sydney Herald Independent Newspaper

Ooooby Food

This month – December 2016

Prayer Meeting: Heather and Miriam meet at 7.30am in the church most Saturday mornings for prayer. Please let them know if you’d like to join them or have a prayer offered on your behalf.

Wordplay: Thursdays, December 1 & 15, 6-8pm. Creative Writing Group. Club Redfern (2/159 Redfern Street). Phone Adrian on 9690 1427 for more details. Bring along a favourite piece of writing and/or something you’ve written. All welcome.

Art Class: Saturdays, December 10, 12-4pm in church hall. Gold coin donation.

Children’s Activities: Sundays, Fortnightly. During worship, activities for children. Contact Blair for more details on 0425 297 765.

Evening Prayer: Sunday, December 11, 6-7pm in the church.

Food Donations: Sunday, December 11. Donations of non-perishable foods are most  welcome today! Please bring forward during the Offering of the service.

Birthday Celebrations: Sunday, December 11. After church during morning tea enjoy cake and celebrate with everyone having a birthday this month. Contact Naomi for details.

Informal Lunch: Sunday, December 18. Meet after church for an informal and affordable lunch. There is a “lunch box” for donations to help facilitate – your contribution is much appreciated. Contact Naomi for details.

Pastoral Letter
July 18, 2016

“… there is a religion that is propaganda, a religion that is sentimental and self-serving, and there is a religion that calls us to move beyond our comfort zone to the space of otherness” (M.P. Hederman).

Dear friends,

On August 26 I will commence long leave (including a month of study leave), returning on December 24. I will miss you all and keep you in my prayers – and look forward to sharing a warm Christmas and January with you.

Some time back I began a conversation with Professor Richard Kearney at Boston College (one of my favourite philosophers and religious writers). He has invited me to spend my long leave as a guest of the philosophy department at the college, which includes a School of Theology and Ministry as well as music studios and practice rooms!

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A Community of Faith
Our Minister of the South Sydney Uniting Church, the Rev. Andrew Collis, will be away for the next four months in Boston on long-service and study leave.

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Artwork: Eucharist by He Qi (2001).