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2020 Changes Due to Coronavirus

Dear South Sydney Uniting Church members and friends,

God be with you.

The Australian government has suspended religious gatherings and places of worship to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Prior to this decision, our church council had already suspended worship services, in-person gatherings, and uses of our church by external groups. This was done with awareness of the importance of early action to slow the rate of transmission of the virus, out of concern for the most vulnerable in our community, and upon the recommendation of our Synod (state body of the Uniting Church).

At this stage we do not know how long this suspension will be in place.

Please see below for details of the decision, and be assured of our commitment to maintaining connection across distance, adapting to safety restrictions, providing pastoral care for people experiencing anxiety, danger or fear, and expressing kindness in new ways.


i) Sunday worship is suspended and the church is closed;

ii) A vigil on Sunday mornings will be sustained:

iii) All our planned weekly/monthly and in-person gatherings (e.g. art class, Bible study, safe church workshop) are suspended;

iv) Alternatives to the format of our current activities for worship, fellowship, creativity and care will be developed and implemented (such as via post, telephone, various online means and possibly limited outdoor means);

v) Use of the church by other community users (e.g. choirs) is suspended;

vi) Regular meetings of working groups and the church council executive will continue by means of phone or web conferencing; and

vii) The discernment process for the nomination and election of Elders, congregational office bearers and Presbytery representative will continue according to the planned timeline, but utilising the following means:


While these are challenging times they also provide us with opportunities for creative responses.

We have excellent channels of communication via various platforms - our websites, facebook page, our weekly e-news, our membership list.  Catherine and Andrew have set up a SSUC Instagram account for creative liturgical content, including photos, images, reflections, short videos and music.  Please follow on Instagram: @sundayssuc

Please subscribe to our weekly e-news on the Home page.

The South Sydney Herald and Orchard Gallery will continue to deliver news, features, profiles, online exhibitions and other activities. Please visit: http://southsydneyherald.com.au Please follow on Instagram: @southsydneyherald @orchardgalleryau

We will maintain contact with you, and of course, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason. We will get through this together.

May Christ’s strength, comfort and peace be yours today and every day.

Cathie Harrison (Secretary, Church Council)
Megan Weier (Secretary, Congregation)