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Church and Hall Bookings

South Sydney Uniting Church is the home of the South Sydney Uniting Church congregation. On Sundays, the church, hall and garden are used exclusively for the worship and ministry activities of South Sydney Uniting Church. From Monday to Saturday we offer our church and hall for the use of others. We make this contribution to our community in a framework of “gift economy”.

Rather than charging for the use of our facilities – we offer them as a gift and seek to form relationships with the groups that use our facilities. In doing so we invite generosity and reciprocity from others, in various forms. Some examples from groups that have used our facilities include: donations to the church, fundraising concerts to raise money for the South Sydney Herald, free theatre performances for members of the congregation, in-kind support such as arranging and paying for the piano to be tuned.

Preference is given to community and non-profit groups. Those interested in using our facilities should contact our administrative support officer via admin@southsydneyuniting.org.au.