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Memorial Service for Alan Frakes
South Sydney Uniting Church
February 10, 2016

Job 19:23-27; 2 Timothy 4:6-8; John 14:1-7

‘Many wreaths, many rooms’

I didn’t know Alan Frakes but I am touched by his presence – so present in the ones who knew him best and loved him most dearly. God be with you

I’m honoured to have met Ashley – Judy, Peter, Jo, Keith and other friends of Alan and Ashley.

With South Sydney Uniting Church elders Heather and Frank, I feel blessed to be here this afternoon to honour Alan’s life and courage, love and faithfulness.

And to stand alongside Ashley whose love for Alan is so evident, so proud, so honest.

We are blessed, having someone like Alan with whom to share life – someone who overcame so much (though “overcame” is too weak a word) to be the loving and caring person he was …

The biblical character Job speaks of hope, in spite of suffering, for this good world of flesh and mystery. It’s a word born of hard experience, of bitter grief. A compassionate word.

And the Apostle Paul speaks of fighting the good fight – and of not just a laurel wreath for himself, but of many wreaths for all those longing for Christ, for freedom and life – for Christ who speaks of “many rooms/mansions/dwelling places” in God’s house.

The name Jesus, usually understood to mean “the Lord saves”, can also mean “God makes space”, or “God makes room”.

And my heart, your heart, too, is a dwelling place, a mansion, a room – a holy place of memories (remembering and cherishing); as well as a holy place of dignity (belonging).

Touched by Alan, blessed by God, your heart is a holy place of dignity – a safe, strong, respectful room – wherein you are cherished, always.

In the name of God – Lover, Beloved and Spirit of Love – Amen.

Rev. Andrew Collis