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Lent 3, Year B
South Sydney Uniting Church
March 13, 2021

 John 3:14-21

‘The wonder of more in mere flesh’

We are born into the world and for the world’s sake by a loving Mother. Our themes for today include rebirth and enlightenment. How are we led to rethink and incarnate love?

While ever we persist in pursuing transcendence in terms of more power and influence, more knowledge and control, more mission, money, growth, scope, capacity … we risk missing something crucial.

We might call it the wonder of more in mere flesh – the more in the less, the infinite in the infinitesimal. The wonder of haiku poetry and eight-page community news. The wonder of a child, a child at play. The wonder of a neighbourhood. The wonder of a day. The wonder of a garden, one plot in a community garden.


Nicodemus, a person of considerable power and influence, encounters God – is enlightened, reborn – in the person of Jesus, whose lifeless body he will come to care for, whose teachings he will come to accept, and in whose Spirit/Memory, we might imagine, he will make new friendships and find new meaning/being/purpose.


These questions are vital, then, and entail our rethinking transcendence (God, religion, the world, the church …): How might we become more attentive and prayerful? How might we become more loving and faithful … more attuned to creation, more creative, more perceptive (rather than persecutory/judgemental), more responsive (rather than bent on rescue and rescuing), more vulnerable (rather than victimising or self-pitying) … more open to the God of the gospel, the Spirit of Jesus re-membered among us?


In the (blessed) silence, now, we have a vital task. One Affirmation and Nomination form. An opportunity to thank someone for something (Dorothy and I will gather and share as appropriate whatever is offered). One affirmation at a time (take as many forms as you need – this week and next week … until March 23).


Perhaps you’d like to recognise and affirm a gift for ministry. There’s also a space on the form this year to share something you discern in yourself. Is there something you’d like to offer? 


For members and members in association, the flip-side of the form invites nominations for particular ministries. Please take your time and trust in the promptings of the Spirit as you nominate members to be elders and office bearers (there are role descriptions to assist you).



We are born into the world and for the world’s sake by a loving Mother. Our themes for today include rebirth and enlightenment. Let us pray that we are led to rethink and incarnate love. Amen.