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Below are links to websites that we have an association with. If there are links that you like to see, please let us know.

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Presbytery of Sydney

The Presbytery is part of the Uniting Church in Australia and covers the geographic area of the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas. The Presbytery is the regional forum for Congregations to act together.

Synod of New South Wales and the ACT

The Synod of New South Wales and the ACT is part of the Uniting Church in Australia. The third largest Christian denomination in Australia, the Uniting Church seeks to be courageous, inclusive and generous as it moves with God, transforming communities.

Uniting Church in Australia National Assembly

The Assembly is the national council of the Uniting Church in Australia and has responsibility in matters of doctrine, worship, government and discipline. It sets national policy and promotes the Church's mission in the world.

The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC)

An organisation developed and managed by Indigenous people for whom we have the immense privilege to serve. From our beginnings in 1985 our desire has always been to provide spiritual, social and economic pathways for Australia's First People.

The South Sydney Herald

The South Sydney Herald is an independent newspaper celebrating diversity and adding encouragement to possibilities for community in Sydney’s inner south-west.


Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyards) connects you with local, sustainable and ethical farmers. We pay farmers a fair price, build community and make fresh nutritious food available to city folk.

Aliance of Forgotten Australians

An alliance of existing groups and individuals supporting people who were raised in institutional or other out-of-home care in Australia in the 20th century.

Blue Knot Foundation

Blue Knot empower recovery and build resilience for the 1 in 4 Australian adults who experience the impacts childhood trauma. Providing support, education and resources for the families and communities of adult survivors of childhood trauma.

Cana Communities

Cana focus on people who are most in need, who are suffering from loneliness, mental illness, addictions, homelessness and other factors which alienate them within society. Those with the fewest options and who are most alienated are our special care.


Gaychurch.org is a gay affirming Christian web site that contains one of the largest world-wide gay "welcoming" Christian church directories in the world. The site contains numerous articles including in-depth studies on reconciling ones faith with their sexual orientation. The site also features a Christian art gallery.

Uniting Earthweb

Uniting Earthweb is a network of Uniting Church people within NSW and the ACT who work for a greater connection between ecology and Christian faith and practice, including through theological study, the arts, worship, and practical projects and campaigns.