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Ordinary Sunday 33, Year B
South Sydney Uniting Church
November 18, 2012

The Gathering of the People of God


Protect me God, you are my help.
I once put material goods and worldly ambition
ahead of your will.
Those pursuits caused me nothing but grief.

God, you are all I need.
I give thanks for the lessons you have taught me.
My heart leaps with joy with your energy in me.
At your side I travel the road of life.

SONG TIS 172: “My soul gives glory to my God”

Lighting the Christ Candle.


Acknowledgement of Indigenous custodians.
Welcome to visitors.


With Christ among us now we live not in fear but in the firm hope that God’s
love and justice will triumph and that Christ will complete in us in God’s good time what we try to build up as we trust in God. For we are people of hope in a loving and saving God. Let us express our hope in this eucharist.

If we are afraid, our love is still weak.
Let us ask forgiveness that we have not kept hopes alive.

Jesus, you will come with great power and glory:
Keep us from fear.
God, have mercy.
God, have mercy.

Jesus Christ, you will gather
your chosen ones from the ends of the earth:
Keep us faithful and vigilant.
Christ, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.

Jesus, you are near,
standing at the door, bidding us to enter:
Keep us in your love.
God, have mercy.
God, have mercy.

Silence for personal confession.

Have mercy on us, God, forgive us our sins,
that we might see how close you are to us.
Lead us to everlasting life. Amen.



Let us pray for trust in God and in God’s future.

Abba God,
through your Only Begotten
you told usnot to worry
about the day or the hourof the world’s end,
for you alone know when it will happen.
Open our eyes to the sign of Jesus’ coming
that we might see him walking by our side.
Keep us faithful in hope
and vigilant in our love for you
and our concern for one another.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Saviour.

The Liturgy of the Word

EPISTLE READING Hebrews 10:11-14,18

The Wisdom of God.
God’s Word made new.


GOSPEL Mark 13:1-8

The Good News and Power of God.
Praise to you, O Jesus Christ.




Let us pray to the God of peace and hope
who waits for us at the end of life’s road,
and let us say: God, we place our trust in you.

... God of life and death, we do not know the hour of your coming, but we are certain that your love will never fail us. Keep us vigilant in hope and help us to welcome you now in one another, that you may welcome us in your eternal home for good and for ever. Amen.

Liturgy of the Eucharist

OFFERING TIS 420: “Holy Spirit, go before us”

Loving God,
in this bread and this wine
we make ourselves available to you.
We do not ask for a life
without risks and problems
but for the courage to commit ourselves
to your project for the world.
When we are downhearted
because this task surpasses our abilities,
remind us that your Beloved stays with us
to bring your kindom to completion.
For Christ is our Saviour for ever. Amen.



Come, your place is at the table.
Here Christ meets you and calls you God’s own.


God is here.
God’s Spirit is with us.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them to God.
Let us give thanks to the God of love.
It is right to offer thanks and praise.

It is indeed right to give you our thanks and praise, O God,
for you raise up the broken and humiliated
and seat them in honour at your banquet table.

V1: The whole universe is yours, for you made it;
you set the earth in place and filled it with life.
V2: Through your law and prophets
you promised a day of justice
when the hungry will have their fill.

You sent your child, Jesus, among us
to establish a new covenant,
leading us in the way of faithfulness
and writing your laws on our hearts.

Therefore we sing (761):
Holy, Holy, Holy God, wisdom, strength and hope,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of our God.
Hosanna in the highest.

We praise you, almighty God,
through Christ, in Christ and because of Christ.
We affirm the Church’s faith:
Christ has died, Christ is risen,
Christ will come again.

We remember ...

Send to us the Holy Spirit that this meal may be holy,
and your people may become one.
Unite us in faith, inspire us to love,
encourage us with hope,
that we may receive Christ as he comes to us
in this holy banquet.

Blessing, honour and glory be yours, O God,
here and everywhere, now and forever.


Abba God in heaven,
glory to you!
Your rule of love renews the earth.
In your name, we take part in that renewal
helping, and not harming,
caring, and not coercing ...
We pray that we might receive with thanks
the bread we need,
the money we need,
the warmth we need ...
We pray that forgiveness and freedom
flow through our lives.
Teach us that in sharing life
we live life to the full ...
Remind us that evil is real.
Still, we are not afraid of it,
but confident
that love is stronger than hate,
justice other than revenge,
true peace the work of your Spirit.



Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world:
have mercy on us, have mercy on us (repeat).
Servant of God, you take away the sin of the world:
grant us peace, grant us peace.


Let us receive what we are;
let us become what we receive.
The body of Christ.


Stay with us, Jesus,
when evening comes and the sun is setting.
Stay with us in the evening of our day,
in the evening of life, in the evening of the world.
Stay with us with your love and kindness,
with your word and your sacraments,
with your consolation and blessing.
Stay with us when to us comes the night of affliction and fear,
the night of doubt and temptation, the night of painful death.
Stay with us and all who are yours in time and in eternity.

The Sending Forth of the People of God

SONG TIS 616: “O day of God, draw near”


God is not out to catch us in a weak moment,
for God is a saving and loving God.
Neither should we expect Christ passively
for we have been given a new world to build,
with justice, friendship and peace.
It is a task that surpasses our abilities
but which we can carry out
if we live the gospel as a community,
with the blessing of almighty God +...


Based on ‘The Service of the Lord’s Day’ in Uniting in Worship 2,
Sydney, 2005; also, Claretian Resources (www.bible.claret.org);
Eucharistic Preface based on prayers by Nathan Nettleton (www.laughingbird.net).
Lord’s Prayer translation by Andrew Collis.
Image: ‘Nano Nagle Icon’ by Desmond Kyne.