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Epistle To The South Sydneysiders 2

To the wonderfully diverse people of South Sydney, land of the Gadigal. I, Paul, your spirited friend, greet you in love.

Whenever I think of you I give thanks to God in my prayers for your genuine celebration of life – individuals and communities, the natural and built environment – in South Sydney. Thank you for your commitments to building relationships that invite fuller and richer life, affirming strengths and gifts, allowing for tears and laughter, doubts and faith.

I wonder, however, whether you might learn something of value if you sought to explore with an open heart the differences and similarities with respect to other followers of Christ in your neighbourhood.

Also, are you taking sufficient care to avoid pride in your reception of Christ’s teachings? And are you caring for yourselves, to prevent exhaustion among your Elders, and to nurture the hope and joy of our Saviour’s resurrection (along with the suffering love of crucifixion)?

Remember with thanksgiving the properties you have inherited and make sure you care for them so as to support the work of the future.

Have you considered taking more active steps toward inviting your local Aboriginal and other neighbours to gather with you for worship and the sharing of meals? Are you doing enough to welcome children and to give them positive encounters with older people of faith?

A loving greeting to you all – however you participate – as members of the art and stretch classes, choirs, the Garden, guests of the Garden Shelter, writers and distributors. Greetings to the young people – Ollie and Isabel, Stanley and Stephanie, Phoebe and Noah, Colin, Robert, Chantal and Anna, Jemima and Benjamin.

May the God of love and the Saviour Jesus Christ guide you in wisdom and bless you always. Amen.



From small group work during the second Mission Workshop (Theological Reflection Day) led by Rev. Dr Clive Pearson on Sunday, March 13. After exploring the Letters to the churches in the New Testament, what might a “Letter to South Sydney” say?